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Samer Saab

Founder and CEO
Montreal, Canada
Innovator, entrepreneur, and mentor, Samer Saab is the founder and CEO of eXplorance, the leading Learning Experience Management solutions provider.

eXplorance empowers every stakeholder within an institution to make the right decisions with fact-based learning analytics. Our key offerings, Blue® and Bluepulse®, help instill a culture of continuous improvement by assessing, analyzing, improving and monitoring stakeholder needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies.

With over 22 years of experience in the technology sector, Samer continues to support higher education institutions with their mission by providing innovative technology and services. Focused on adding value to all constituents, Samer believes that everyone can achieve sustainable growth through continual learning and development.

Samer participates in a wide range of philanthropic activities that connect his two passions: entrepreneurship and learning. On the entrepreneurship side, Samer acts as a mentor, participates in the Dobson Cup, and sits on the Foundation Montréal Inc. Board of Directors. Through speaking engagements, grants and endowments, and by participating in the Members of Technology and Innovation Management Expert Panel, Samer is able to share his dedication to lifelong learning. Samer has a degree in Engineering and an MBA from McGill University.