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Beatriz Arnillas

Sr. Educational Advisor
Palm Beach County, FL
I started as an ESL and World History teacher. After graduate schools I was an Artist-in-residence in Kentucky Public Schools and later Studio Art (Tenured) Professor in PA. I got to design and teach blended and online Art History courses in 2003, to make it easier for students to complete and engage with their core classes. I worked in Education Administration (Director, Assistant Chair), Sr. Instructional Designer (Professional Development in Halliburton) before coming back to K12, to join in the teaching and learning transformation movement! I was the Director of Education Technology at Houston ISD (2012-2017). Total number of years teaching: 15; years in Education Administration (some concurrent with teaching): 11, plus 6 years in Training & Development (adult learning and instructional/online design.) I love art, music, walking, biking, gardening, reading and adventure-travel.
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